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We have been helping you with metal finishes for 75 years. Innovative and high quality.

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Why choose BOMEX?

Individual solutions for nickel plating, chrome plating, and anodizing

Fast order delivery for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and abroad

Expert and experienced approach to metal surface treatment

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How Do We Work?


Submit an Inquiry

Whether you are from Prague, Brno, Vsetín, or Bratislava, you just need to fill out the inquiry form, or alternatively, call us or send an order for metal surface treatment to BOMEX via email.


Order Registration

We will register your order at BOMEX and send you a confirmation via email. If it's an individual solution for metal surface treatment, our colleagues will contact you for further info.


Expert Consultation

Based on our extensive experience, we will propose an optimal solution tailored specifically to your order in the field of metal surface treatment.


Order Processing

Your parts get processed according to the selected surface treatment.


Parts Inspection

The output inspection will reveal any imperfections in the coating – in addition to visual inspection, we use measuring instruments to determine layer thickness, possible porosity, adhesion etc.



We will contact you, the customer, who can pick up the parts at our location in Vsetín, or we can arrange packaging and direct delivery to you.

What will our collaboration look like?