Technology BOMEX builds upon a long tradition of conducting surface treatments in the original galvanizing plant in Vsetín. We continually strive to advance our expertise and technical capabilities to achieve excellent coating quality. The quality of order processing is supported by our in-house laboratory and metrology department. To ensure the speed of order processing and customer satisfaction, we have developed and manufactured galvanizing preparations. To guarantee repeatability and consistent long-term quality, we constantly work with our employees and subject our equipment to regular planned maintenance, while our baths undergo continuous monitoring and regeneration. We offer four fundamental metal surface treatments:

Supporting Technologies

We also employ additional technologies that contribute to ensuring quality and prompt deliveries to our customers while alleviating their concerns. Currently, among other technological solutions, we utilize the following:

  • Chemical Laboratory
    • The laboratory supports production by enabling internal evaluation of the composition and contamination of working baths and solutions in a short time.
  • Spot Welding
    • Spot welding is primarily used for local repairs of materials and their layers.
  • Spectrometric Measurement 
    • Spectrometric measurement allows for identifying material alloys and measuring plated layers.
  • 3D Modeling
    • 3D modeling software is used, among other things, for spatial production planning, development of fixtures, and evaluating possibilities for part orientation in production lines.
  • 3D Printing
    • 3D printing is employed for manufacturing parts, fixtures, and protective elements for galvanization.
  • Microscopic and Endoscopic Measurement 
    • These are used for analyzing the quality or defects of material surfaces and visually inspecting the cavities of parts.

How Do We Work?


Submit an Inquiry

Whether you are from Prague, Brno, Vsetín, or Bratislava, you just need to fill out the inquiry form, or alternatively, call us or send an order for metal surface treatment to BOMEX via email.


Order Registration

We will register your order at BOMEX and send you a confirmation via email. If it's an individual solution for metal surface treatment, our colleagues will contact you for further info.


Expert Consultation

Based on our extensive experience, we will propose an optimal solution tailored specifically to your order in the field of metal surface treatment.


Order Processing

Your parts get processed according to the selected surface treatment.


Parts Inspection

The output inspection will reveal any imperfections in the coating – in addition to visual inspection, we use measuring instruments to determine layer thickness, possible porosity, adhesion etc.



We will contact you, the customer, who can pick up the parts at our location in Vsetín, or we can arrange packaging and direct delivery to you.

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