BOMEX - CZ s.r.o. Created, implemented, maintains and constantly improves a documented system of environmental management according to ISO 14001:2016.

The premises of BOMEX are situated in a picturesque Valachian valley where the surrounding nature serves as a constant reminder of the necessity to preserve a clean and stable environment for future generations.
Decreasing the negative impact of our activities on the living environment is for us an important part of our everyday decision-making process and our long-term plans. This can range from routine decisions like handling and packaging to our long-term investments. Our management has established a responsible enviromental culture and feels an obligation to constantly take steps for its improvement.
This environmental culture enables us to implement and follow principles whose aims are positive environmental changes while at the same time it enabling production of high-quality products.
Careful and responsible behaviour of our staff helps us to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

Environmental Policy

As a company providing surface finishing services, BOMEX - CZ s.r.o. accepts its responsibility for the negative effects of its operations on the environment and it is committed to continually reducting this burden. The main principles of the company strategy of minimiying environmental impact are as follows:

  • Adhere to all legislative requirements pertaining to environmental protection.
  • Inform employees about environmental protection principles and new findings resulting from changes in company operations.
  • Demand responsible adherence to principles ofenvironmental protection and conservation of natural resources from all employees.
  • Strive to use energy and material resources efficiently and gradually reduce their consumption.
  • Facilitate recycling and reduction of waste generation.
  • Seek investment opportunities for modernizing current production instruments, equipment and technologies to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Seek opportunities for changes in technological processes and used instruments to moderate theirenvironmental impact.
  • Evaluate the environmental effect of planned new production technologies during implementation decision making.
  • Prevent occurences of emergency situations with a possible environmental impact. Accept, execute and verify measures to minimize their occurence.
  • Strive to reduce the amount of harmful substances released into the air and waste water as part of company production activities.

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