Chemical Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating is a self-catalytic reaction used to deposit a nickel-phosphorus alloy onto base materials such as steel, cast iron, and nickel alloys. Unlike electroplating processes, electroless nickel plating does not require an electrical current to apply the coating. The advantage of this process is the homogenous thickness of the plating, even on complex-shaped parts, and its mechanical properties, such as high hardness and abrasion resistance. In some applications, electroless nickel plating can be used as a substitute for hard chrome plating.

Currently, we operate two types of electroless nickel plating. One with a medium phosphorus content, which exhibits excellent mechanical properties, and another with a high phosphorus content, offering high corrosion and chemical resistance.


Technical Parameters

Medium-phosphorus NiP coating 

  • Phosphorus content 5-9% 
  • Hardness after plating 550-660 HV (52-58 HRc) 
  • Hardness after heat treatment 840-1100 HV (65-69 HRc)
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Abrasion resistance after heat treatment 8-12 TWI 
  • Abrasion resistance after plating 14-18 TWI 
  • Weakly magnetic coating 
  • Bright appearance 

High-phosphorus NiP coating 

  • Phosphorus content 10-12% 
  • Hardness after plating 440-510 HV (45-50 HRc) 
  • Hardness after heat treatment 770-1000 HV (63-69 HRc) 
  • Abrasion resistance after heat treatment 10-15 TWI 
  • Abrasion resistance after plating 18-24 TWI 
  • Excellent corrosion resistance 
  • Non-magnetic coating (prior to heat treatment) 
  • Semi-glossy appearance

  • Technology characteristics 

  • Nickel-plated surfaces are generally corrosion-resistant, provide coherent coating even on complex-shaped parts, are highly hard and abrasion-resistant. Additionally, chemically nickel-plated surfaces exhibit good lubrication properties. The surface is non-toxic, making nickel-plated surfaces suitable for the medical and food industries. Chemically nickel-plated parts find applications across a wide range of industries. They conform to standards such as ISO 4527, MIL-C-26074 (AMS 26074), AMS 2404, ASTM B-733, and comply with ELV, RoHS, and WEEE directives.
  • Layers

  • 3 – 80 µm
  • Dimensions of parts

  • Length: 2,2 m
  • Weight: 1000 kg

Base Materials

Carbon steels 
Tool steels 
Stainless steels 
Cast iron 
Nickel alloys

Advantages of the Technology

    • Even Coating Application Electroless nickel plating offers even coating application, even on complex-shaped parts. 

    • High Hardness Electroless nickel-plated coatings are relatively hard after plating and can be further hardened through heat treatment to values approaching hard chrome.

    • High Abrasion Resistance Due to their adhesion and toughness, electroless nickel-plated coatings exhibit good tribological properties. 

    • Inherent Lubricity The static coefficient of friction with steel is 0.2 for electroless nickel plating with lubrication and 0.4 without lubrication. 

    • Suitable for the Food Industry Electroless nickel-plated surfaces are non-toxic, making them suitable for the medical and food industries.

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